Librem 5 with SailfishOS?

Porting SailfishOS (if far better implemented than the PinePhone builds) would be interesting to see. I could do well with SailfishOS on the 32GB eMMC. And have PureOS on the 1TB microSD card with KDE Plasma Mobile’s DE… Encrypt the 32GB eMMC and the 1TB microSD card. I would rather have the L5 be a full Linux phone and carry a LineageOS device for my few Android needs.

I doubt that a Sailfish OS port for the Librem 5 will happen. First of all, Jolla and Purism are unlikely to come to an agreement to do the port. Because Sailfish OS uses the proprietary Silica interface and other proprietary bits, Purism is unlikely to encourage a port and Jolla is unlikely to do the porting work if the phone maker doesn’t want it. Jolla will stick to phone makers who want its ports (e.g. Sony, Fairphone, PINE64).

The second problem is that Sailfish OS is based on Android drivers using libhybris. I don’t know if Sailfish OS can run on top a normal Linux stack. I know that Ubuntu Touch used to require libhybris, but it was adapted so it could run without libhybris on the PinePhone. Perhaps the same can be done with Sailfish OS.