Librem 5's OS stability

I have a MNT Reform Laptop as well as the Librem 5. I just wanted to comment that it is good how Purism has a complete image and it is stable for the Librem 5. The Reform is getting better but is super buggy, etc.

That is all. Perhaps something you weren’t considering but an area where Purism deserves some praise.


I just received my phones today and am extremely happy. One of the two phones had some hickups getting going but smoothed out just fine. Any little quirks I ran into already had answers in this forum. Does everything I need a phone to do plus more.

Good job, Purism!


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We do use the same operating system for the laptops, so this kinda comes naturally :slight_smile: You could try installing PureOS on the Reform, I guess.


That is a good idea! I should totally do that. Just need to make sure I use Sway instead of Phosh. I love Sway!

Which is not to say that I don’t like Phosh. I do. It works really well on mobile. But for desktop computing I really like Sway.

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Both Phosh and Sway are based on wlroots, so it should work.