'Librem' and 'Phones (Librem 5)' categories

I guess I am a Luddite, because I have no interest in smartphones. It is not a big deal, but it would be nice to be able to select the two different categories, ‘Librem’ and ‘Phones (Librem 5)’, from the drop-down. The topics often do not seem to be related, and one would not have to wade through those in one to get to the other.

I acknowledge there might be many more who want to see both. The fact that they are already separate categories on the topics list leads me to think of narrowing searches, however.

You can select Librem as main category and none as subcategory.
Convenience link: https://forums.puri.sm/c/librem/none


I did not realize that. Thank you.

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Me neither, I just found out :wink:

And while I’m tempted to shout “burn the heretic” :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:, I think you’re not wrong with the categories.

There’s basically no overlap, other that they belong to the same Hardware series.
Also, DevKits are a main category, and other OSes seems to target laptops.

I was also wondering if selling used devices could be its own category.

My suggestion thus would be

  • Librem Laptops
    • Librem Key
    • Other OSes
  • Librem Phones
    • DevKits
    • Other OSes
  • 2nd hand (laptops / phones for sale)
  • PureOS
  • Librem One
  • General Security & Privacy Chat
  • Round Table
  • Infrastructure
    • Site Feedback

Is there a risk that you will in the future be able to use the Librem Key with the Librem 5?

Pretty sure Purism has said they plan to have a USB-C Librem Key in the future for use with both laptops and phone.

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Yeah, I thought about that. But let’s wait & see. You can still adapt it later, in 2022 :wink:
I think, parts of the functionality of the key can be done with the smartcard (storing keys).

I thought a more pressing dilemma would be

  • PureOS (keep it one or split it? I tend to say keep it one, until the confusion takes over. Then we’ll split it and notice that people will use the wrong category anyway, or answer without paying attention to the PureOS amd64/arm64 category, and then we’ll consider re-uniting them :wink: )
  • Tablet. I hope / assume it will also be i.MX-based. Then, the phone category should be renamed.
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