Librem Chat Down

Is Librem Chat down for anyone else?

Looks like it is down for me

I pinged Jeremiah on the Librem One Matrix room, and he confirmed it’s down. So Purism is aware and investigating

Librem chat is down again.

Also, I haven’t been getting notifications for more than a month for messages I receive.

It is up for me. Maybe it was just scheduled/unscheduled server maintenance?

Sort of pleasing in weird way to see others having problems. Librem Chat has not worked properly for me and my friends for months. I’ve had numerous to and fro emails with support who have said that the problems were down to things being done on their side. I’ve made no adjustments to my devices. So currently it is now barely used as it just can’t be trusted. I’m afraid to say that there is probably no way back for it now as we’re pretty much using Signal exclusively. Every time it seems to be ok I encourage everyone to come back and then it plays up again and everyone deserts it. The bloody thing worked perfectly until they decided to upgrade it. I fear that it is now lost.
Librem Mail too has not worked properly. Ever. None of us have made a transition. I still have the account set up and I continually see error messages pop up when Thunderbird checks for mail. Did the same in Evolution (not that it should matter). Unlike Chat I have made adjustments at times after contacting support which will get it right for a while, and then it plays up again.
These problems effect five of us, not just me. I honestly don’t know if they will ever get it right. There doesn’t seem to be any explanation that makes any sense to me so I can only assume that this is the way it is. Not good I reckon.

If using android, disabling doze fixed notifications for me. I think it needs root access though.

The “side” services (Mail, Chat, etc) will pick up once the phone is settled and running smoothly.