Librem Chat - web service available?

Currently using Windows 10 Mobile there isn’t a Librem Chat app available in the Windows store.

Unlike the Librem Social feature that can be used by web service via I have not seen a similar feature for Librem Chat like

Is there a way to connect to Librem Chat by web service?


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Hello @Edwin

We do not provide a web interface for Librem Chat by default, however you can find a list of clients that are compatible with MS here:


Thanks for replying and providing the link to alternatives. The web interface for Librem Social for newcomers is very convenient (like webmail it can be used on any desktop/mobile device) as is it to people I’d like to introduce to Librem One. May I ask why you chose not to have a similar interface for Librem Chat, to have it be an all-in-one place to be for future users? Is it time consuming/priority issue or more security related?

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It is due to the security model.

For what we consider private communications services, chat and email, we recommend desktop/mobile applications.

In the case of Librem Social, that is a public social network, we do provide a web interface at:


you could use

you just have to change the homeserver before Sign in


PS: I’m sorry if the howto is unclear but I’m a new user so I can’t post more than 1 image and 2 links

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Thanks for this, could be helpful to others. However it is not supported by Windows 10 Mobile, iOS and Android only

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