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I am enquiring about the production of Librem components. I have read that there is a version called USA which has most of the components produced in that state.
Is there a similar table for the standard Librem? In particular, where is the NXP CPU designed and manufactured? Can you confirm that it is manufactured by Samsung?

I am sure that Purism would rather retain its trade secrets against proprietary/economic/industrial espionage. How the USA conducts its business and professional relations is by its own accordance.

I can’t say for the standard Librem model. I am also sure that the manufacturers of NXP CPU would rather retain its trade secrets against proprietary/economic/industrial espionage.

As for Samsung’s production process, I am sure there are proprietary concerns. I recall that some of those smart televisions could be tools of surveillance. I don’t think that GNU/Linux development would support such acts akin to the Big Brother persona.

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Thank you for your effort, but you did not answer my question at all.

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Yeah Arm & NXP SoC it same like Intel about blackboxes, so espionage it possible BUT NXP it the best SoC for GNU/LNX Mobile and Purism also NEUTRALIZED possible espionage through NXP for Librem 5.

This linked FAQ was put together by forum member @amosbatto, and may offer some hints:

It’s quite lengthy and detailed, so search for the phrase “reasonable guesses” to go directly to information about the NXP.

Much of the info is still only a guess, unless Amos has found new information that hasn’t been added yet.


The label on the chip says “KOREA” and it has been publicly reported that NXP switched the fabbing of its i.MX 8M chips from TSMC to Samsung. See:

NXP is remarkably open about the i.MX 8M Quad. It has published 4000 pages of documentation on the chip, which you can access just by registering on its web site. It has a security manual on the chip that you can only get upon special request. I asked for that documentation, but NXP did not share it with me, so I assume they only give it to companies that are actually buying the chip.


I believe that the only difference between the Librem 5 and the Librem 5 USA is that the latter has: 1. Its PCB’s made in the US, and 2. The phone assembly process is done in the US (California). I believe all of the other parts are the same and from the same sources. Most importantly, the SoM (the NXP i.MX 8M Quad) appears to be fabbed in S.Korea.

I will say that originally the advertisements were extremely deceptive in this regard. Sometime in the last year or so they have added clarifications that make it more clear and less deceptive.