Librem coreboot Utility Script: usage, discussion, and help


Sounds like a quite strange versioning scheme to me… :wink:

According to the script it’s spidey sense told it that my Librem was a 13v3 - I confirmed that by picking the default option. When I used the script the second time it’s spidey sense told it that my Librem was a 13v2, this time I didn’t confirm that, I picked option 4 (Librem 13 v3).

I don’t know the background of that versioning decision but since the product name is used for example in udev rules it may be a good idea to be consistent with that, even if there’s no real difference.

Where was Purism moving?

Just finished flashing the bios using the script on Fedora 28, without a problem.



Worked beautifully on Ubuntu 18.04.3 LTS. Thanks!


I notice that links is hardcoded in official script. It means that i need to redownload script to get new updates. How to check coreboot updates more easily that redownloading script?


I don’t have a good solution for that currently, it’s on the to-do list


I looked for some explanation why this is important, what it is good for, general background information for this operation, but didn’t find it.

Can someone point me in the right direction?


Maybe it would help you to generate an account on . When you’re succefully logged in to your account you can go to the repository of coreboot and select the little bell at the top of the projects detail page to watch the project.

Maybe you also need to change Global notification level in your settings settings to Watch. (I’m not that much of a Gitlab geek to know for sure…)

You’ll get notfiied to the email address you registered with if anything on this project changes.


it simply provides a digital record of the device serial, in case it’s needed for support purposes, and in case the sticker on the bottom of the unit is removed/worn. There are additional stickers inside the unit, but this allows for retrieval (via dmidecode) without having to open the unit.