Librem Dial alternative

So… Until Dial comes out, what is a good alternative?
THere is google voice, but… ya. Google is bad.

Is there a VOIP service which can receive texts and send and receive phone calls with a 10 digit phone number?

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Does it have to be associated with a VoIP service? If so, about which country are you asking?

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Asking about the United states.
I dont know about what does or does not count as VOIP.

I just want a phone number that runs off of Wifi or data.

Linphone appears to be a good option at first glance, but it also seems too good to be true. I’d expect to have to pay for a VOIP service but they seem to be offering a free plan with the option to pay extra for a custom domain.

Does anyone have more information about this service or a better alternative?

Skype you have to pay for the number and ability to receive sms, but that is owned by Microsoft so it really boils down to whom you trust.

I personally use Google voice as I’ve not found another service that can send and receive MMS and ring multiple devices and numbers simultaneously. GrandCentral really built something amazing it’s too bad Google bought them…

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I use linphone since 2-3 years, i do call over internet without calling to a number but to another sip client and it work pretty well and that’s free, afaik if you need a phone number you should pay something, but i think it’s fair because you can be reached to this number also by regular phones

I used linphone on android phone for free voice and video calls five or six years ago for about a year. I can not say anything bad about linphone. There is also an old good Ekiga.

@OpojOJirYAlG, You just reminded me of another thread where I talked about the Google Voice…

If you don’t want to follow the link to the GitHub feature request, I was asking Nextcloud to find a way to do privately through their system what Google did with the Voice project. Apparently, they (Nextcloud and Purism) seem to already be on it.

Because I switched from T-Mobile to Googles Project fi for my mobile phone services, I’m currently not allowed to use the Voice system anymore with that Gmail ID or the main number that I got through Google Voice.

In my private Nextcloud instance, I’m behind a residential FiOS connection and the Nextcloud Talk subsystem lets us enjoy video-conferencing on Android and iOS (plus all computers) with better quality than the Google Hangouts provided (I’ve experienced both the free and the paid versions of Hangouts), and our video is encrypted via our own free LetsEncrypt https keys. The NC Talk software was initially the Spreed project’s software. I’m not sure if Spreed let NC have it and now Spreed just sells hardware that runs it, or what. I just know it works for me; voice calls, video calls, text, file sharing, and if at a desktop/laptop you can have screen-sharing too.

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