Librem Dial.... When?

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Librem Dial – pay-as-you-go phone service

This sounds like a big big deal. How are not more people talking about this?
Having a secure phone on an unsecure network ties your device to your real name and bank account.

If we can have a secure phone with a pay as you go phone service which you could buy with Monero… that would be a BIG deal as it could make your phone 99% anonymous (because 100% is pretty much impossible). I havent heard anything about Librem Dial except that it might exist in some form some day.
Anyone know if this will be available when the Phone ships? Any more information on this? Will it offer data as well as a standard phone number?


It’s not likely to be offered anytime soon. Librem Dial was a stretch goal for the Librem One crowdfunding campaign, to be offered when they hit 200,000 backers. As of now, they have 7,823. I think they have a chance of hitting critical mass if they offer some promotional Librem One subscription with each Librem device sold, but as far as I know that’s not the plan right now.

You can, however, make encrypted VoIP calls with Telegram. You need a phone number to verify your Telegram account but it doesn’t have to be your own. It would be pointless for them to offer data as part of the Librem Dial service since if you can use VoIP you can just use that same WiFi connection for data.

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@Jt0 where did you get the stats? I thought they removed the counter. :slight_smile:

The page still has the final number on it, but to see it like it was when they were running the crowd funding campaign you can look it up on