Librem frame skipping


Not sure if it is hardware, or gnome 3, or wayland, or something else, but I notice that in gnome3/wayland after the machine has been running for a bit I get periodic frame skips. It’s noticeable in when I move the cursor around. There is a sub second hang and then the cursor jumps to a new location. Also noticeable when watching video. This happens with an older librem 13 and the librem 15 v3. Need to test with other window managers and without wayland but curious if anyone else has seen this issue or know what could be causing it. Also this is the latest pureos.


This sounds a lot like what I’m seeing:

Mouse Tracking ‘Laggy’ on Wayland, and mouse movements cause frame drops in other OpenGL applications


I’ve seen this almost since day 1 when I bought the Librem 15v3 in March 2018. The bug thread started on 2015-02-23 and continues through 2018-09-13, so this bug is almost 4 years old (3 yr, 7 mo) and is still not fixed.

Apparently the system components are interrelated in such a complex way that it’s difficult to isolate these bugs. So, what’s the prognosis? Another year, 2 years, or another 4? It’s tough enough to have a laptop with these instabilities, but at least at the office I have a couple of backup computers. I can’t realistically consider using a phone that’s this unstable. Maybe Purism needs to reconsider using Wayland until stability is achieved. Canonical reverted from Wayland to Xorg for Ubuntu 18.04 LTS because of Wayland bugs and instability: