Librem freedom roadmap : Pureboot vs Coreboot

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As I’m the happy owner of 2 librem 13 (v3 and v4) I regularly monitor any progresses made regarding the remaining bits that need to be freed up (see The Purism Freedom Roadmap – Purism).

There was apparently some initentions to get to a point where coreboot could be replaced by libreboot. Therefore freeing up remaining blobs shipped with coreboot itself.

With the recent release of PureBoot, I was wondering if it helped (beside all the gains on the security aspect) on the progress of the freedom roadmap ?
In short: is PureBoot any freeer that Coreboot on librem laptops?

I understand that company’s focus is toward librem 5 nowadays, I’m just seeking some clarifications :slight_smile:

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No. In my understanding, PureBoot is just the marketing term for all parts that go into it (TPM, Librem Key,…)
You gotta have a name for it :grin:

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Actually since Pureboot uses also Heads, the video initialization blob (VBIOS) is not used.

So that’s less one blob.


Then if VBIOS is gone, ME is disabled/neutralized, remains the CPU microcode and FSP.
For the FSP, did I get it right that it has been open sourced by Intel ?
Cf : and

That would leave only the CPU microcode one (considring the bios components only, not talking about ssd firmware nor bluetooth chip).


but our our goal is to ship devices with blob-free coreboot.

might want to keep only one “our” there.

  • video initialization blob (VBIOS) — we’ve already made some progress on this front, and our next coreboot version might be shipped without it.

this was posted April 23, 2019 so the coast is clear i think. might want to update your faq there.

for Librem laptop firmware purposes,
coreboot = coreboot with SeaBIOS payload, VBIOS display init
PureBoot = coreboot with Heads payload, linux i915 display init (no blob)

outside of the typo, nothing has changed there


not yet, and not necessarily for existing platforms