Librem gateways routers etc

Is there an intention to offer a librem inspired secure user controlled gateway/router/modem for internet connections ?

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I’m in no way related to Purism staff. Given the latest news, and especially the period during which Purism had gone silent, there is much to bet that they already have more than enough work.

The Librem 5 is a much expected phone, and a lot of effort has do be deployed so the project can decently launch. They (rightfully) exepect a lot of work to enhance GNOME’s codebase to support mobile devices.

Maybe Purism staff will tell you otherwise, but secure network equipment does not seem like a priority right now.

@thessa_arndtwelf, you’re not the first to sound that idea. I think it had been suggested here before. Also, I suggested them some (openWRT based?) routers on Twitter back in November, which Purism cared to “like” :heart:. So there is your glimpse of hope :wink:

But as @thib has pointed out, it seems unrealistic for them to work on such a thing in 2018.