Librem Glibc update

Can anyone tell me how to update glibc on the Librem 5 to 2.33? This is preventing a few things from opening that otherwise open on the MNT Reform.

I appreciate any and all help on the matter. Thank you greatly!

For the most recent libc6/glibc in version 2.34-7 you would need to have installed package locales in version 2.34-7: apt info locales (currently from 10-Sep-2022 on Librem 5). sudo dpkg -i locales_2.34-7_all.deb and afterwards sudo dpkg -i libc6_2.34-7_arm64.deb might resolve your issue, but I have no intention to test this (just providing some non-expert direction, if you are not about to wait for the next PureOS related upgrade).

As well, here is link to the very fine guide (that needs to be adjusted properly, toward bookworm repo, if and when decided to take this optional path). Most important within linked article is to note that command upgrade needs to be avoided at all times, and also please note that only sudo apt install libc6 ā€¦ actually used there. Please reread: ā€œAfter done updating libc6, restart computer, and you should comment out or remove the ā€¦ā€ and preferably comment out bookworm line at the first place, followed by:
sudo apt update
sudo apt clean
sudo systemctl reboot


While you can do this somehow in PureOS, it might break things ā€¦ Iā€™d suggest you to look into Mobian, which follows Debian Bookworm already and is available for the Librem 5.

Also, depending on the programs you want to run, you may be able to use flathub to get them running - without big changes to PureOS or re-installing your phone with Mobian.