Librem Hardware Update

Are you guys planning on rolling out an update to your 15" line anytime soon? E.G. The camera could be improved to 1080p and an ethernet port wouldn’t hurt.

If so, when?

Andrew, in the future, perhaps, but at the moment we have other things to work on. Keep an eye on our blog, we will inform users on any plans there.

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As I’m considering buying the 15" model, I was wondering if the fan problem that I saw mentioned in the review of an earlier model has been fixed (ie that on this one, the fan was always running full speed and making lots of noise). I guess it is, but I would like to be sure…

Another question regarding the batteries: would I be able to buy replacement batteries a few years from now? (ie are you using some sort of a standard model, or something shared by a more mainstream laptop?)

And I have a last question regarding shipping outside of the US: would I have to pay the US VAT or only the VAT in my country of residence?

Thanks a lot for the great work you are doing!

Hello Mathias,

The problem was fixed with a software update.

We ship batteries only to USA for now, we are considering the best possible options to ship world wide.

You only pay taxes and fees to the country of residence.

Thank you for interest in Purism, let me know if I can help you more.

Kind regards!

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Any advances on the librem-13 touchpad support (two finger scrolling) for instance?

Any chance that I finally receive my french keycaps one day?

The problem was fixed with a software update

Wow ! :slight_smile: this is great news !

Care to explain how (to apply this software update) ?

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Bruno, please do not cross-post, it is hard to keep track of what is answered where. Your first question is answered here, and your second here.

Please just delete crossposts, especially when the thread is about a totally different topic.
It’s really annoying.

Thank you.

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