Librem is not listen on Privacy Tools

I was surprised that hasn’t listed Librem anywhere as it’s a privacy focused OS. They really could have listed it under the section Privacy Friendly Mobile Operating Systems.


Have you contacted that web site to ask / suggest?

I did, no response so far.

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I think the people behind that website are very focused on being relevant to the mainstream so to speak, they present things as if the choice of operating system is just one choice of many when in fact it is much more important than other things.

Better advice would be: whatever you do, first of all stop using operating systems from Microsoft, Apple and Google.

Instead they have things like the category “Windows Privacy”. Oxymoron of the day. :smiley:

My guess is the “privacytools” folks understand this but they keep presenting things like that because they want to be a website interesting for the masses. If they were to say that there is no privacy to be had under Google/Apple/Microsoft operating systems, then they would scare away most people because most people want to keep pretending that it’s okay to keep using Google/Apple/Microsoft operating systems. It’s really not okay.