Librem Key detected change. Was there an update?

Hi, My Librem key flashed red and said there was a change noted about ten minutes ago. This was after I did a “sudo apt update && sudo apt full-upgrade” command.

Was there an update in the last week that would have caused this?

Or was my computer hacked?

Thanks. Normally I check my computer immediately before I issue this command. But I forgot.

I assume you are running PureOS. What repository? Amber? Byzantium?

I think Amber though I am not positive.

When you ran that command, did it install anything?

It definitely installed updates.

then a damn good chance it updated your kernel and/or grub. You can check the datestamp on the files in /boot to see what changed and when

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Thanks. How do I check the stamps?

I am pretty sure it’s the update. But I want to know how to be positive it was the update since most updates do not cause a change.

Perhaps @MrChromebox meant

ls -l

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@vv0 For what it’s worth, the last set of updates I applied within the past week required a resigning of the boot files as well, consistent with your experience.


Thanks for the reply!