Librem Key does not flash red or green on boot, Qubes 4.2

The Librem 13 V2. 32 GB RAM, with Qubes 4.2 (yes, Qubes 4.2 is in testing. Not for general use. Not for Production.)

Boot hangs properly if Key is not plugged in

If Key is plugged in, script says everything is all right. and then boots into Qubes 4.2

Qubes 4.2 seems to function well for me, I have not exhaustively tested it

Guess this is not a bug until 4.2 is released.

Started flashing green.

The other day I went to our local public library to update qubes 4.2. (unlimited high speed internet)

I did not have my Librem key. I reasoned that if I kept the computer in my hands, until I got home and plugged Librem key in. Then the use of the Librem Key could be trusted. So I chose an unsafe boot.

I updated dom0, Fedora 37, one of Whonix parts.

On Shutdown, I saw some red background screens flash by

When I plugged in the Librem Key, it flashed green. Went straight to enter Disk Password screen.

Uh, I thought the Librem Key itself had to be updated after the Operating System was Updated. You know, enter pin to approve.

Is this an issue with qubes 4.2?
What has to change for the Librem Key to need to detect a change (did I misunderstand)??

Maybe Librem 13 does not interface properly?