Librem Key - Eventual compatibility with Librem 5?


Are there still plans to bring the Librem Key to the Librem 5 phone? I couldn’t find any recent news on this front, and I’m very interested in having a physical security token for use with my device.


It does have a smartcard which could achieve the same as the librem key.


There was some talk on the Purism Matrix rooms. Yes, there is plan to enable the Librem key on the Librem 5. They need the Key in a USB-C form factor, and there was some other development needed, so I don’t know that the phone will have the Key at launch, but it should come eventually.


They’re thinking about making it with a usb c port?
That would be way better than to have a adapter for USB-a usb-c conversion


Yep. It’s in the works


Thanks for the info, I’m glad to hear it’s still planned. Yeah, I wasn’t expecting it at launch. I’m just glad to know it’s still being worked on at all. Also pretty excited to hear it’ll probably be USB-C; I was expecting some kind of adapter which would be way less convenient.