Librem Key not working

My brand-new Librem Key is not working. I went through the setup to reset the default key, admin, reset, etc. I am ABSOLUTELY sure I was entering the information correct. It now says Bad Pin and will not allow me to reset it.

I suggest

The PIN change script doesn’t work and requires you to reset the Librem key.

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Yeah, the prompts are a bit weird / misleading. I did a factory reset of my librem key today and was confused by similar messages.

When you do the factory reset, and then attempt to generate new data, you need to use the default passwords and not your previous custom pins - the messages seem to suggest using your current pin which is why I was getting the bad pin errors too. So, for pin use “123456” and admin is “12345678” I believe.

Once you get through that part, the rest should just be the standard procedure.

Hope that helps!


eventually was able to factory reset the key, re-sign.
was getting an error “no valid boot disk” (even though it was signed and manually selecting the boot worked fine), but i think i got everything working again.
Thanks everyone