Librem Key Prep for use with Heads

Hello All,
I am going thru the instructions/process for generating keys for the librem key to use with heads. Just a couple of questions:
The instructions indicate to generate the gpg keys on the computer and then transfer to the librem key and furhter down in the instructions I can just generate it on the key itself.

  1. Is it possibe to generate the keys for use with heads on the Librem Key itself?
  2. Is it possible to copy this key to another librem key (I have 2) to keep a backup incase of loss?
  3. I use enigmail for thunderbird and have previous made keys for email,however I see that when I generate keys for the librem key (both on the key itself and on the computer) they are listed in the enigmail key manager. Is there anything beneficial with this? Is it a security issue?
    Thank you,