Librem Key Setup docs?

Are there docs for setup of the Librem Key?
I’m new to hardware keys and don’t know how to wire up.
I have already:

  • installed nitrokey-app
  • installed gpa
  • set pins via nitrokey-app
  • generated signature key on Librem Key via gpa Card Manager
  • set up a couple 2fa slots with OTP

I think I have the Nitrokey aspects working fine, but what about the rest of my L13 integration ? Did I do this right so far? Help me make it go like the movies!

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We are still working on the Librem-specific integration so I haven’t written those docs yet as we are still finalizing how the workflows will look. For instance, for LUKS integration we are working to add OpenPGP smartcard support in Debian upstream:

For Heads integration, we are starting up a small beta program for advanced users who are interested in trying it out but aren’t afraid of compiling coreboot and flashing their BIOS.

I hope to have at least some public docs for the things that are somewhat finalized on our site soon.


Thanks for the update, I’ll keep my eyes open.
In the meantime, this forum post on desktop integration made daily use of the NitroKey’s password features much more streamlined for me.

I’m happy to announce we now have docs for the Librem Key at

Thank you everyone for your patience.