Librem Key setup

If I were to order a Librem 13 and a Key now, the Key would be on backorder. So my question is whether that would mean once the key arrives in order to be absolutely sure about the integrity of the system I’d have to reset (reinstall?) the entire system and sync the Key with it? Shouldn’t the key be shipped with the computer? And if shipping the computer with the key is the best option, there doesn’t seem to be a way to request that the computer be delayed till the key is ready.

obviously this depends on your threat model (and/or level of paranoia). To be 100% sure of the integrity of everything, you would want to build/flash the firmware, install the OS, and then set up the Librem Key all at once.

I’m sure if you email support@ and request they hold the laptop until the LK is back in stock, they’d be able to help with that.

So I saw a video (I believe) with Kyle Rankin where he said that you don’t have to use the key. That you could use your phone (an app?) to confirm a code that appears on the screen during boot to ensure the integrity of the Librem computer. Where can I find info about that option? I see a lot of info about the key, but not this option.