Librem key totp/hotp and pm

I’m seeing this on the doc manage passwords, provide multi-factor authentication but I’d like to understand how can I use librem key for totp 2fa and what means password manager and how can be used?

Install nitrokey-app app.

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Installed it but I can’t use it.

Throw: Device not initialized
Should I install other dependencies?

I’m not using PureOS but Qubes OS if that may be a problem

Is your Librem Key connected to the same VM where you installed the app? Did you try to do everything in sys-usb?

I connected to the same vm
I tried also on Ubuntu [not a VM, separate laptop] and I’m having same problem

What is your version of the package libnitrokey? If it is lower than: 3.6 then it will not work

Was able to make it working with 3.7

And how can I use the app with librem key for e.g. github?