Librem Key with QubesOS

I am interested in the functionality of the Librem key, especially the auto LUKS unlock. However, I don’t think these features work with Qubes (except the boot checking).

Am I understanding this correctly? Do you have any options for alternatives or ideas?


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I believe that it should work, as this only requires adding the extra options to LUKS and GRUB. But some of our qubes users like @MrChromebox would be better suited to reply to this question.

And @Kyle_Rankin

Qubes doesn’t support OpenPGP smart card unlocking in LUKS. Debian and PureOS do, because of plugins the Debian team has made for their cryptsetup packages. Someone would have to port Debian’s cryptsetup approach to supporting OpenPGP smart cards for unlocking, to how Fedora (which Qubes uses for dom0) handles LUKS.

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Or, alternatively, Qubes could use Debian in dom0, which is being discussed:

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