Librem laptop 15 v 4

I have a laptop librem purism 15 v4 for sale 1000$ brand new open box. Want to trade for apple if possible.

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What type of apple? Fuji, Gala, Granny Smith, Red Delicious?


Where did you get it?
What were the circumstances (it’s a fairly old model, how come you have a brand new one just out-of-the-box now)?
How much DRAM? SSD?
Why are you selling? You have some sort of invoice or other proof?
From where will you be shipping? At what cost?
Will not trade with fruits, only real cash - bank wire

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LOL, I have a LIbrem15v4. Why is that odd?

I think you mean, not common… Like, I don’t think they sold it for very long.

On a side note, I convinced my mom to by a Librem 14 about 1 year ago. I recently found out that she never uses it and actually bought a chromebook to replace it shortly after and never told me. She is a quintessential boomer and it is just too complicated for her. She is giving it to me next week when I go see her. I’m still going to try again to convince her that her privacy is too important to give up on.

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For exactly the reason that the post says. Given that the Librem 15 hasn’t been sold for some years, it is odd for a Librem 15 to be being sold “new in box” in November last year.

However the OP was a “hit and run” post i.e. first and last post so I guess the original question won’t get answered and I guess the OP doesn’t care (laptop could have been sold long ago via another mechanism).