Librem laptop power supply efficency and max power draw in load

I’ve been searching the forums for specifics about the power supply and maximum power draw of the Librem 13 and 15 v4 and there seems to be no information yet.

I would also ask about them librem 5 but it is a work in progress so i will leave it be for now.

So how efficent the Librem laptops power supply are in terms of %. I would imagine that there is no gold,platinum or titanium standard like in desktop counterparts but it would be usefull to know how they compare. for example if you know please state how much power draw the power supply is ratted for and how efficient it is at low medium and high power load.

also can you provide information on the actual components beeing used ( origin, manufacturer, power cap ratting, thermal ratting, thermal operating limits etc)

so far we can only get very general info on the internal specs of the machines but none about power delivery ( very important )

also just a quick tip for purism. maybe in future designs you can include one or more usb ports on the power brick itself. i’ve seen this beeing done by several manufacturers so far and it can’t be a bad idea …

the Librem 13/15 ship with a standard laptop power brick, 120/240v compatible, with an input draw of 1.5A. The output is 19.2V / 3.42A. This is a very common PSU for laptops, manufacturers just change the barrel connector as needed for their device. The ones I have were made by Delta, but I’m not sure if all are.

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The AC cord on my Delta Electronics power supply failed. Rather than just the cord, Purism sent a new power supply to me. That one was from Wearnes Global, so there must be more than one supplier.

The spec’d output on the label is slightly less than the Delta: 19V, 3.16A. It is also wider than the Delta and uses a three-prong connector at the brick rather than the three, circular “pins”. It sports an LED that shows it is active when plugged in.

Personally, I liked the smaller form factor of the Delta, but it is not a big deal.