Librem Mail - Archive & Junk

Hey so I’m a new user, I got pretty excited when I saw that I could pay for Librem One with XMR all of a sudden.

Anyways, on the Librem Mail app when I tap the three bars for accessing the menu I see TWO options for “Trash” which both seem to do the exact same thing.

Secondly, I saw that the email service is amnesiac in that it deletes things after 30 days (which I appreciate). I thought it would be smart to archive the invoice email for my Librem One subscription as that seemed like an important email to keep. However after I clicked “archive” I realised that the email had disappeared and there is seemingly nowhere within the app for me to access the archived folder.

For reference this was all on the android app. Any guidance here would be appreciated, and if things like this would be better off being filed as bug reports on some repo somewhere rather than as forum posts please let me know and I will do that in future.

Probably @Richard or @joao.azevedo can answer.

For what it’s worth, I think only unencrypted email is removed automatically after 30 days.

Can I encrypt an email in a way so that the service knows not to delete it?

If you received an unencrypted email that you would like to keep, I think you can send it to yourself, and it will be automatically encrypted when you do that.

I haven’t explored the mail service very thoroughly, though, so I’m not totally sure.

you can always copy-paste the text content of the e-mail into a .txt file name it correctly and then archive it with a password locally before a back-up …

My oldest unencrypted email is from last May. I don’t know that this automatic deletion is actually a thing.