Librem Mail: Custom Domains & Aliases


I’m currently a reluctant G Suite user. The service is amazing, but I want to move to a FOSS-based, privacy-respecting service.

One issue I have is that I rely on being able to use a custom domain and email aliases. Curious if Librem Mail will let me do this or I should look into ProtonMail instead.


Currently, no. But many others have requested it (myself included) on the Matrix channels, so I think they will be looking into it. I have no idea what sort of timeframe it might happen on, though.


Same here.

@taylor-williamc this should be all or nothing, since it makes no point having it on one service
while not being able to use it on another.
As far as it seems, for the mail its a bigger priority, the Matrix thing is just a nice to have chat addon.


Yes we have received feedback from users asking for this feature and will consider it.