Librem Mail on Android (missing folders)


Just got Librem One and downloaded the Librem Mail Android app.

Maybe I’m missing something or don’t have it configured correctly, but the only folders I can see are
– Inbox
– Outbox

All the other folders (Sent, Drafts, Archive, Spam, Trash) are missing, and I can find no way to get them to show up in this app.

(Note: I have configured access to Libram Mail in the generic Android app and I can see and use these folders)

I see that there are Folder configurations in the Settings sections, but they don’t seem to make sense and no matter how I’ve tried to configure it, they will not display themselves.

For Example…

Settings > Account Settings > Folders
– Folders to display = All

Then we have the individual Folder set ups in the same directory…

For Example…

Sent Folder
[x] Automatic (None)
[ ] None
[ ] Inbox

Spam Folder
[x] Automatic (None)
[ ] None
[ ] Inbox

So this is weird. the default is “Automatic” which equals “None”
Or I could choose “None” … and get none…
Or… if I choose “Inbox”, sent emails are not actually sent anywhere, they just show up in my Inbox.

All this is very weird. Am I missing something?