Librem Mail second email account

To make the transition away from gmail I need to use 2 separate email accounts. One for business and one for less formal interactions. I have signed up for the full package, but I have been unable to find a way to add a second email account, is this not possible?

help me break free!


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Hi @mikew

To have multiple accounts managed in one single Librem One service pack, you need a Family package that permits to have a total of 5 accounts.

The option to upgrade an account from Full to family is not yet available. But we are working to make available within the next two weeks.

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thank you for the response!

Should I wait for the upgrade option, or cancel and start over with the family pack.

Im fine with paying extra, but this may put some users off. Maybe consider an option to add a service one by one?

That would be the simplest option.

You are referring to the possibility of for example one user being able to add several email accounts?

We can pass that feedback along to the rest of the team. Several users have made requests for different features and we are considering some of them.