Librem mail SSLexception

Librem mail doesn’t send my mail. Says something about SSLexeption. It did sent one for my brother, but than when he replied I cannot reply to that… Says SSLexeption. What causing this? I thought it’s ready to use when I log in… Do I have to make extra steps?

Do you have a more detailed error message?

SSL problems can be with certificates, which in turn can be a range of things e.g. unacceptable CA or e.g. expired. Without a detailed error message we can only guess.

It appers on the notification, but cannot expand the message. Don’t know how to get it.

@Rodnas would you mind sending and email to with your Librem One username, describing the situation and if possible with a copy of the error messages?

So we can get to the bottom of this issue

If you are referring to the android app called “librem mail”: I have exactly the same issue on “librem mail” as well as on “k-9 mail” (librem mail is a fork of the later) [not using my librem one account]. On the net I did not find any solution so far. k-9 mail seems to be not so actively developed atm (last version from September 2018).

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