Librem Mail talking to proton mail

If I get a Librem Mail acocunt and email my friends using Proton Mail… will my mail be automatically encrypted the way its automatically encrypted when two protonmail users talk to eachother?

Excuse the noob question.

No, it won’t be automatic. If however your mail client is capable of using GPG or PGP, and you have the required software installed (gnupg) and you have created your keypair and both of you have shared your public keys with each other, then the encryption will work.

Evolution and Thunderbird both support PGP/GPG, Geary doesn’t (yet).

This is exactly what ProtonMail does between accounts as well, except that it does the sharing of public keys automatically, and the web UI/mobile apps/desktop bridge application are taking care of the key creation and the encryption/decryption.


Thanks for that.
IF one librum mail contacts another librum mail account, are those automatically encrypted like Protonmail accounts talking to one another?

Probably not, unless the applications used to send/receive mail are handling that automatically.

For enabling encrypted messages via Thunderbird, follow this article. It seems like a lot of steps, but isn’t too hard.

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