Librem Mini: Atheros AR9462 on OpenBSD

So far it doesn’t seem that the Atheros AR9462 present on my Librem Mini is supported on OpenBSD. I’m willing to add support but what I’m looking for is pointers and links to the code and prior art for how everything was made to work on Linux so I can use that as reference to start working on getting it solved for OpenBSD. If anyone can point me in the right direction(s) I would appreciate it.

No clue, but random Googling found this:

FreeBSD seems to support the AR9462, but there were issues:

Not looking great even on OpenBSD 7.2, there have been attempts at porting the FreeBSD driver as far back as 2014:

Fortunately, swapping out the AR9462 is easy.

Looking at the dmesg(8) output on my Librem 14, I am more concerned about the camera (SunplusIT Inc USB2.0 Camera) and audio (Intel 400 Series HD Audio) at the moment as they are harder to replace. But let us see what happens once I have an installation up and running.

Apologies for the slow response. I have confirmed that everything is working as intended on OpenBSD 7.2, apart from the AR9462 and since I have no USB-C cables I have been unable to test them.