Librem Mini experience

Hello, I just recently purchased a Librem Mini with the “pureboot bundle” and I just wanted to share my experience. I am a long time linux user, but I’ve never bought open source hardware before. I ordered it after running qubes on an old gaming pc for a couple of months and being somewhat disappointed not having the recommended hardware and firmware. I was expecting the shipping to take two to three years while reading the forum after ordering it (joking), but it actually came before the ssd and ram I purchased to go into it (the librem key came a day before and I wasn’t expecting it at all).

The went through the checklist of librem key functions on my other laptop and gpg, the nitrokey app, etc. worked without much trouble in Arch Linux. I looked through the luks decryption script, but I haven’t had a chance to try it out (I have been using a normal usb drive to unlock my LUKs partition before). PureOS was aesthetically nice, but I ended up installing Qubes since that was my original goal. I replaced the ssd and did a normal installation and installed Arch Linux alongside it. Sharing the /boot partition seemed really unusable with pureboot so now I have qubes as the boot partition heads reads and Arch Linux’s /boot partition is on a separate usb drive I keep secured.

But overall, everything works extremely well. I have three terabytes of SSD storage, 32 gb of ram, and I didn’t have to configure anything complicated. I think if I had to do it over I would have gotten the Librem Laptop bc it has a slightly better cpu and using Qubes with a USB mouse and keyboard isn’t a great idea. Aside from being confused by using a non-UEFI system for the first time since I was 14 this is probably the easiest time I have had configuring Linux on a laptop.