Librem Mini: I have 4 cores on 100% in "top", but fans are not on full speed

I’m on Qubes OS 4 on Librem Mini v2.

What could explain the behavior explained in the title? Is there a way for me to see the CPU temperatures? Could there be any risk of CPU overheating?

It’s been 10 minutes now, the computer doesn’t feel insanely hot from the outside, even though the fan (as I explained) is not super-loud. (I have seen the fan go much faster when I’m doing much less work.)

Strange. Could this be more dependent on which cores are being used?

Are you sure the fans are working at all? Contact me at

I use gkrellm for monitoring temperatures (and other things).

Are there more than one fan? Anyway, I have used the computer more and the fans seem to be working. Qubes has a temperature utility. I have seen temperatures above 70°C but the fans are running more loudly at those temperatures. Normally the temperature is closer to 60°C.

Is this expected?

there is a single fan attached to the heatsink on top of the CPU/GPU dies.

IIRC, the fan doesn’t kick in until around 62*C

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This just means that cooling is effective - the fan isn’t triggered based on CPU load, but on temperature. With good cooling (either passive or with fan at low speed) it will take it a while for that temperature to get high even at full loads. External temperature and the amount of time it’s being put on full load will matter as well.

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