Librem Mini keyboard doesn't work for boot menu

I received my Librem Mini and wanted to install another OS on it. For that I need to boot from USB. Unfortunately the keyboard doesn’t work when turning on the Librem Mini to get into the boot menu. The keyboard only gets power when PureOS boots. I tried all the USB ports, the keyboard is a Roccat Ryos MK Pro, which was lying around.

Does someone have an idea why it doesn’t work? Could a different keyboard help?

I’d definitely try another USB keyboard if you have one handy. I believe one of our testers reported a keyboard incompatibility as well, though I don’t remember which model. You might also try using the USB2 ports on the front vs the USB3 ports if you haven’t done so already

Thank you for your suggestion. I already tried the USB2 ports on the front and they also don’t work with my keyboard. I’ll try another keyboard when I’m able to get one.

Is there another way to install a different OS, without the usage of the boot menu?

Different keyboard is the solution. Not all USB keyboard shave firmware drivers sufficient to work on boot or before an os has loaded.

Thanks for the clarification. Is there a way to know if a keyboard will work before buying it?

I can’t name a specific model, but from my own experience, I’ve never had such problems with USB keyboards from Chicony and Logitech. Although in fact this list is much longer.

My Microsoft Comfort Curve Keyboard 2000 v1.0 is also working in the Librem Mini boot menu…

I can confirm that a different keyboard works. Thank you all for your help!

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once you have your OS set up and auto booting, if you want to reconnect the “bad” keyboard and pull a boot log for me it might help in debugging, since I don’t have any non-functional ones here