Librem-Mini lag and heavy CPU load on protonmail beta


Not really a complain here, but I am wondering if there is other users that get the same behavior as I experience.

With Protonmail beta 4.0 ( The new one with the centralized SSO ), I see increased CPU load while scrolling the email list or while scrolling within the email read pane.

The CPU usage just goes up high. I generated a CPU flamegraph for firefox, and I see that the CPU is busy with

I am wondering if I am the only one with this behaviour?

Also when looking at firefox debugger tool I see that there is long latency on the “graphics” portion.

Another view which is very clear to me see the Graphics is taking a big chunk of the time

Quick follow up.

I finally tried to lower display resolution from UHD to HD 1920x1080.

And this issues is still present ( I see heavy use on ) but the whole system is not going down to a crawl anymore.

Sadly I blame the poor video card in there, so for now I can’t run 4k display with a good result on Librem-Mini

PureOS 9 Amber is a stable distro. Because of that its still running GNOME 3.30, gknown (please don’t hit me) for running a little harder on the CPU at higher resolutions. Where as newer versions of GNOME run a little more off the GPU.

If you’re willing to play around, try running PureOS Byzantium:

Just note its still a test release though it does have GNOME 3.38 now and is running fine on my Mini.

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What a good timing, I will backup my home and I might give it a shot.

How is Byzantium going? I mean when it will get to “stable” release would I have to re-install?

It’s based on Debian 11 “Bullseye” so once that goes stable, I assume we’ll deem Byzantium to be stable. Personally, I think Byzantium is at the point where its stable/usable for power users. I don’t think GNOME 40 will be pulled into Debian Bullseye* so that should alleviate some bigger possibilities for things breaking, thus making me comfortable enough to recommend it to you.

Just make sure to run sudo apt update && sudo apt full-upgrade right after installing and setting up Byzantium. The ISO still has GNOME 3.36 on it.

*Bullseye’s scheduled soft feature freeze is 2021-Feb-12 and hard freeze 2021-Mar-12. With GNOME 40 scheduled to be released March 2021 I don’t think it’ll make it into Bullseye and that makes me more comfortable recommending Byzantium. Purism is still more focused on Amber right now as we’re shipping it on our entire lineup (laptops, phones, desktop, servers, etc) but more technically inclined folks should be comfortable using Byzantium day to day.


ok, I am backing up my things / writing that iso on usb disk / installing.

Brb eventually :wink:

im back.

Yea that release have the same issue as Amber, the display never wakes up from sleep.

I have to disable or I need to hardshutdown because the display stop working when the OS put it on sleep.

What browser are you using to view protonmail?

I’d say this is more a browser issue than a Librem mini specific issue.

It could be that Protonmail beta is using something that the browser you use doesn’t have implemented very well or at all, and the CPU usage spike is a result of that.

If you switch to the Protonmail normal do you see the same kind of CPU spikes when scrolling through your messages?

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Well I am back, this time not on PureOS Amber but PureOS byzantium.

Much better, I can keep the 4k display and the screen is not lagging how it used to do, even when not on the browser the overall behavior feels less laggy.

Now on Firefox ESR 78 and for the Protonmail beta 4.0, it also behave better now, it is usable and not lagging.

The CPU is also not heating ( Fan does not kicks in ).

Looking at perf top is also better, is no more piling up like crazy, I see about 15-20 of them and the system is able to serve them fast enough for them to not pile up.

For now going to PureOS byzantium for me is a positive experience on the Librem Mini.

@2disbetter The issue was PureOS Amber, not using the GPU enough. Now on byzantium is getting “served” fast enough and the system is behaving as one would expect :+1:

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might want to set to list the file sizes as ‘human-readable’ it’s mighty confusing trying to read as it is …

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Or at least use commas in the numbers. (OK that’s confusing in Europe …)

However the limitation might be the underlying web server. What functionality does it offer out-of-the-box?