Librem Mini MiniPCIe port speed

Is the MiniPCIe x1 or x2?


speed and lane width are not the same thing. But the lane config is x1

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Thanks for the quick response. Doesn’t lane width correlate to speed though?

well, total bandwidth is lane speed * lane width

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look at the wikipedia page that describes PCIe 1.0/2.0/3/0/4/0 and how the total bandwidth increases from one generation to the next … you could also try searching our very own Purism forum … i believe we’ve touched on this briefly here and there …

then to be more precise, the M.2-2230 socket on the Librem Mini is PCIe 2.0 x1.

(the M.2-2280 socket is PCIe 3.0 x4)

but that is only for Coreboot not PureBoot currently right ?

not sure what you mean, PCIe config isn’t firmware dependent

mix up … my bad :slight_smile:

little confused here ? so on the LibremMini which one of them is the m2-2280 pcie 3.0 x4 ? the one on the bottom near the mobo-PCB or the one on top ?

M.2 is the top one

both sockets are M.2, they are simply keyed (and wired) differently.
2230 and 2280 refer to the width and length in mm of the modules.
the bottom module is the 2230, the top is the 2280.


i’ve only ASSUMED it was like that when i took the top off and googled inside but now i now for SURE … your intervention is much appreciated … as always :slight_smile:

I thought MiniPCIe was an older standard than M.2. So is it that M.2 is backwards compatible with MiniPCIe cards?

no, the Librem Mini doesn’t have a mini-PCI slot, I should have clarified that earlier, but I understood the OP to be asking about the socket/slot used for the WiFi module since older devices did use Mini-PCI(e)

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Ah that’s good to know, so to clarify does that mean the lower one (2230) has A/E keying?

that is correct