Librem Mini Proxmox Cluster

Do the Librem Mini’s have the functionaliy to be used as Type 1 Hypervisor’s?

I’m looking to run a 3-node Proxmox Cluster so I’m curious if the Librem Mini’s would be good candidates.

It can run the software.

Proxmox recommends more than one nic port. I would think for cluster purposes this would make the Mini a non-starter, unless you would be willing to use a USB to RJ45 dongle.

If you were super desperate, could you run the cluster traffic over WiFi (802.11ac, 5 GHz) and leave the GbE for the VMs’ traffic and other traffic?

Really depends on the intended use. If it’s just for his/her own personal use at home then it could be fine with just one GbE but the whole thing seems like overkill for personal use. :slight_smile:

Note as well that for more professional use the librem server would be more suited.

For some home usage I would say why not? Maybe check if proxmox has any traffic prioritisation capabilities so that migrating one vm between hosts would not make the whole infrastructure become irresponsive.

Happy hacking anyway :slight_smile: