Librem Mini quick questions

Hi everyone
I am having a look at the Librem Mini and was hoping that people here on the forums may be able to answer a couple of questions. I would be getting qubes installed.

  1. I see that the unit has 1 X HDMI and 1 X display port. Can I run two monitors off this? I know that qubes will limit me with options but if I change distros down the track I’d like to know I can utilize two monitors for things like extended display etc.
  2. If I opted for additional storage (2.5" ssd) would I be able to back up my qubes directly to this drive?

Please excuse me if these are basic questions, but my knowledge of these things is also basic.

Thanks for any help everyone

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Search is your friend: Mini.v2 Compatible Monitors

I see that the unit has 1 X HDMI and 1 X display port. Can I run two monitors off this?

I own a “NitroPC” from an OEM in Germany, which I figure is the same hardware and enclosure as the Mini.
The unit drives two monitors just fine, no issues whatsoever running under Sway. Works on both the latest Linux kernel and the current LTS, 5.15.

Thanks for the replies. I had no idea that ‘compatibility’ of monitors was a thing. Shows my ignorance. I have a couple of reasonably new Dell monitors that work on everything. It seems that the ‘compatibility’ issue is an unlikely problem at any rate.

Thanks for replying.

I dare say the the ‘nitro pc’ shows me that things will be fine.

I’m not totally up on all things be open source software.

Yes and no. My purpose in linking that topic was just to lead you to a topic that specifically discusses putting 2 (and even 3) monitors on the Mini. The topic title is a bit misleading.

In theory compatibility of monitors is not a thing (putting aside the obvious e.g. if you have DisplayPort output then you need a monitor with a DisplayPort input). In practice there are enough buggy implementations, both hardware and software, that things don’t always work.

The other compatibility angle is compatibility with requirements. For example, if your requirement were for 4K UHD video at 60 Hz then you have to make sure that all components support that e.g. output port, cable, video adapter / video switch if any, monitor.

Thanks for clarifying. My needs are not huge so things should be fine for me I’d reckon.