Mini.v2 Compatible Monitors

How do I tell if a monitor will work with my Librem Mini.v2 and QubesOS?
I need a LOT of screen space. And I have only been able to get dual monitors working on the Mini (using the DisplayPort and the HDMI port).
So I’m thinking to get a very large monitor to replace my old Windows 4 screen setup.
I’m looking at this 43" monitor:

But I don’t know if I’m going to run into trouble or not. Will it work out of the box? Or do I need to configure some config file? Will I need special drivers? (There is no Linux supported drivers on the the LG site.)
I’m pretty much out of my depth with video that’s not plug-and-play.
Thanks for any help .

PS. I don’t have the time to learn and troubleshoot video… it’s a serious constraint, but a 2nd option is to get in the weeds and figure out how to get 4 monitors working. I searched these forums and the technical stuff I ran into scared the crap out of me.
So far I don’t think the Mini.v2 supports more than 2 monitors, but if it does, is there a way to get my 2 usb video converters (Plugable DisplayLink - USB 3.0, UGA-3000) to work so I can have 4 monitors.
I’m running Qubes and I tried but couldn’t figure it out. Qubes isolates USB devices from dom0. I don’t know how to create an exception to allow them to work properly (although there is a Keyboard exception).

instead of one 4k, would 2 x 1440p or similar 16:10 work for you ?

is there a particular reason why you think you need 3 or 4 monitors ?

the mini v2 from Purism has a usb-C on the back but i don’t know if it can output to a 3rd monitor ? you would need confirmation from @MrChromebox

if it did you would get 3 outputs (HDMI + DP + DP/HDMI < not sure about this last one)

also do you need 30 fps or 60 or more ?

I don’t need 4k, just couldn’t find a 43" monitor without it. Need the real-estate.

I do a lot of monitoring for my work and can’t have any windows behind other windows. 3 monitors just wouldn’t cut it.

I don’t need spectacular graphics by today’s standards, but need a decent update/refresh speed (never been good with the terms).
I’m not sure what acceptable fps for me would be (frames per second?) but my vision/headaches are a problem after 8 hours, so need less eye strain.
Not gaming, maybe watch a vid from time to time.


I got an email answer from support. Yes. I’m a happy dude. :slight_smile:

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Just to help you on further search you should look for something like this one as within this linked table you’ll read/find that native Refresh rate is 100Hz / 120Hz (instead of usually used 50Hz for PAL & 60Hz for NTSC). In addition TX-43HXT976 might turn out as slightly better option because you might prefer to change screen angle (another stand, instead of fixed legs). Also, please note that both of those support native (meaning no FRC) panel bit depth of 10-bits.

Thanks Quarnero,
I ordered the other monitor a few hours ago. :frowning:
I’ll check out the specs on your suggestions, and the price. I like the 100 refresh rate. If I can find it to buy, I may cancel the other order.

the Mini/Mini v2 do not support USB-C DP Alt-mode. DisplayLink is an option if a 3rd output is needed

generally speaking, displays don’t need drivers. The Mini/Mini v2 can drive any 4K display via either the HDMI 2.0 or DisplayPort outputs. It can even drive one 4K display from each simultaneously.