Librem Mini reach of goal and supply

Hello there!

I recently pre-ordered the Librem Mini to keep running :slight_smile: and the timing was perfect my Linux box just turned belly up.

I was wondering when did the pre-order campaing did hit the goal?

And my real answer is does the supply and delivery of the Mini on track with dates ( 4 weeks after goal hit) ?


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as they say “one mans thrash is another mans treasure” :slight_smile:

On April 5, 2020, 8:11am, there was $50,597 in orders, so i would assume that they met their funding goal on April 4.


That’s at least what we currently still expect and estimate, right.

But the current situation due to all the limitations imposed on almost everything because of the virus makes it hard to predict this 100% exactly. ATM there are unexpected delays everywhere, from component suppliers down to the carriers shipping the whole stuff.

So all we can say is, the still standing “start shipping” date is in about four weeks from reaching the campaign goal. If we get them earlier we will of course start shipping earlier but please bear with us if it becomes a few days later.



@nicole.faerber thanks!