Librem mini: Support for DisplayPort over USB-C?

I have received my Librem mini yesterday and did a first quick check so test if video output over USB-C
is working (it was not explicitly specified to be fair!).

It did not work.

Is there a possibility/work-around to enable DP over USB-C?

PS: The fan control seems to work (high CPU load enabled the fan, low load stopped the fan)

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No, I am sorry, there is indeed no DP support on the type-C port in the hardware, but there is an explicit DP port and an extra HDMI which can both be used at 4k @ 60Hz at the same time.



Why do you want to use USB-C DisplayPort Alt Mode when you have a DisplayPort port on the device?

If your Linux kernel is 4.19 or newer, you should have the Linux driver for USB-C DisplayPort Alt Mode, but you have to have the hardware for it.

THX for your prompt response - HDMI did indeed work with 4k out of the box

For me there is only one reason I could use USB-C to avoid other work-arounds: My display has no more free HDMI and DP inputs (used by other computers), only USB-C.

But this is not a Librem Mini problem of course (but caused by my hardware zoo :wink:

It is possible that you could add to your hardware zoo and use an adapter. However the specific adapter that you would need is not something that I have gone searching on the internet for.

I have at least one monitor where the available inputs are: HDMI and USB-C i.e. no DisplayPort on the monitor at all. So it is not just @tovadiratum’s scenario of having a DP port but already using it.

honestly unless you have a VERY specific reason to ONLY have a usb type-C port on the monitor for display i would strongly suggest that when buying people look for the two main display ports (HDMI and DisplayPort)

you gotta love what Apple has done with their ProDisplay this year - only a thunderbolt (sheesh)

Maybe the word you missed is “free”. @tovadiratum’s monitor has all three types of port but the HDMI input(s) and DisplayPort input(s) are already in use by other video sources (computers).

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correct. i did miss that … my bad