Librem Mini TDP

I’m thinking of building/buying a fanless case for my Mini. What is the max TDP of the CPU used by the Mini. I’ve seen on the Intel site that it can be from 10W to 25W. As I understand it can also go beyond 25W when Turbo Boost is in use, is this correct?


You can take a look at this topic, it contains some interesting informations about it : Librem Mini: First impressions (well done, Purism!)

Thanks, I have read that but I don’t see a mention of the TDP. I think this might be something only the coreboot dev @MrChromebox knows as it is usually something that is set in the BIOS I believe.

PL1 is 15W and PL2 is 25W.

Power draw measured by a kill-a-watt:

  • soft off (S5): 2.8W
  • booted/idle: 8W
  • nominal: 22W
  • peak: 35W

Perfect, just what I wanted to see. Silent computing here I come!