Librem mini USB controllers

According to lspci, my Librem mini has only one USB controller, more specifically an xHCI controller. I thought the chipset came with an EHCI controller as well, and I wanted to use it to pass it to a KVM virtual machine.
Am I confused about what’s in the chipset, or is it that Coreboot does not enable the EHCI controller (and if so, is there a way to change that so that both the xHCI and the EHCI controllers get enabled), or maybe even yet something else?

Modern Intel mobile platforms haven’t used a dedicated EHCI controller in some time now (since Broadwell / 5th-gen). The XHCI controller handles both USB2 and USB3 functionality.

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I understand that the xHCI can handle all the USB connections, but the question is whether there is an EHCI controller on board.
The question comes up because I’d like to do something similar to what is described in which relies on passing the control of the EHCI controller to KVM and then using the chipset’s control over which USB ports are routed to the xHCI and which ones to the EHCI in order to control what goes the KVM and what stays in the host.

and I’m telling you definitively there is not. Intel’s datasheets for the platform are pretty clear on this.

Damn! But thanks anyway