Librem Mini v1 fan max cpu 0%

Today my Librem Mini v1’s fan is running full duty cycle.

While the CPU is idle.

Im using PureOS byzantium.

I will check if there is some wiring issue ( I have seen this lately on the forum ).

I will post back with my findings.

Nothing unusual about the cpu fan connector.

All looks ok for now after re-assembly and boot up…

I don’t like this

I suggest thermal monitoring of the device. At a minimum look for any log entries that may be relevant.

How did you establish that the CPU is idle?

I don’t know if its the case here, but there is an old bug in LInux that a sensor reports the wrong temperature after suspending and it causes the fan to go full speed. A reboot DOES NOT fix it. You either need to do a full poweroff and restart or suspend and wake it again (usually works). Try these two things and lets us know.

Yea I had to power cycle to fix it.

I am using htop and top.

There was nothing obvious about thermal or error|critical in dmesg -T and in /var/log/syslog