Librem Mini v1 fan


Can someone recommend a fan to the Librem Mini v1? I’d prefer if it would be enable to buy in Europe. Maybe someone did look for one and found it.

Thanks any help!

It’s just a generic laptop style fan. Has yours broken?

It’s just made some weird ticking noise, especially when upgrading my OS (noticed it when i updated Qubes OS today). I just disassembled it, following your youtube video - thanks for that! - and if i spun the fan with my finger i felt that it touches with something inside the fan case, so i thought i need a spare one. I blew it out, now it seems working again fine, but who knows.

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i’m a Fan of Purism and i occasionally make weird ticking noises :rofl:

for laptop/mini fan maintenance i would recommend you to gently brush any dust or dirt that accumulates on the fins or underneath and then make sure that none of it enters the motor ‘chamber’. do this according to need and based on how dusty/dirty your local environment is.

make sure you do NOT use any fluffy house pets as table support for your mini :wink:

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So i’ve cleaned the fan (there wasn’t too much inside the case or on the fan). The ticking noise was still there after cleaning, but when i exemined it a bit closer. turned out it was the fan wire. I’m not sure why it just came out now, but i’ve adjusted it and now it seems ok.

Thanks for the help!