Librem Mini v2 - live boot not working

Since i havent gotten reply in other place posting again .

Hello Purism community ,
Need your help . So i Purism OS is not loading after i unencrypt the disk with first password and on entering second password the os doesnt load . Pressing ESC at start takes me to BIOS but i am not able to select anything on that screen and it defaults back to the same screen after timing out .
To do a fresh install i ordered a live boot USB that came in mail today. When i connected to my purism mini v2 nothing happened at start . its not going into live boot or even in bios its not showing up ( i cant even make any selection in bios ) . So i am basically stuck and cant use mini for anything or even reinstall with an live os usb mailed to me from purism . Any possible solutions ? thanks . vtr

it’s very hard to tell what’s going on based on your description.

When you power on the device, what screen is displayed? Do you see the Purism boot splash with the ‘Press ESC’ prompt? If not, what do you see?

If yes, what options are listed when you press ESC? Is the USB listed? If so, what happens when you select it?

USB is not listed and i cant edit anything on that screen . It just defaults to the OS . And does not let me make any changes untill the timer runs out and i go to the login screen again .

here are the screens. Blue screen i cant edit even with pressing e. or up and down arrows .

please check the images above . thanks

FYI that blue screen is the GRUB menu not the BIOS/UEFI menu. At that point, the BIOS has already decided what disk to boot from and control has transferred to the GRUB bootloader. I don’t own a Librem Mini so I’m not familiar with getting it into the BIOS menu, but it should help to know that that blue menu is too late to select a disk to boot. You will have to figure out how to get to the actual BIOS menu.


where can i repost this question to get help . thanks

why do you feel like you need to repost this elsewhere to get help? You have Purism’s firmware engineer right here, waiting on you to provide the requested information.

As was already noted, the blue grub screen is from the OS on your internal storage. The firmware/BIOS boot screen is before that – are you not seeing it?

If not, what kind of display/connection are you using?

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i needed to repost as i wanted to get this resolved quickly . customer support here is taking forever . How i am suppose to know that answer was given by a firmware engineer . Instructions are not clear to me thats all i am asking to helpout with as a paying customer .

how do you expect anyone, official support or otherwise, to help when you can’t answer simple questions needed to determine what the issue is?

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1 Why my live boot usb is not working as its supposed to ? is the primary issue i mean what other info you want .
2. And yes i am not able to get into BIOS screen even with pressing esc . Pressed esc before restarting and all other ways mentioned in these forums to get to bios . cant get there . i hope that helps in knowing what is the issue ?

And stop engaging with me as yourself don’t know how to troubleshoot this one. you clearly mentioned you dont have librem mini . i never asked you to comment in first place .

And yes i am not able to get into BIOS screen even with pressing esc .

but again, as I asked previously, are you seeing the Purism boot splash screen, with the ‘Press ESC for boot menu’ prompt?

And if not, what type of display and connection/cable are you using?

I do see the flash screen with purism square logo at start . display cable is hdmi. Keyboard is corsair connected via cable .

that’s when you need to press ESC, on the boot splash screen. If that’s not working, you need to try another keyboard (we’ll have to sort out the keyboard issue another time)

i read somewhere i might need a faster keyboard .

whoever wrote that is tragically uninformed about USB initialization and USB-HID.

your keyboard simply doesn’t handshake the way SeaBIOS expects it to, either because it’s slightly out of spec, or because of a bug. Either way, chances are another standard USB keyboard (wired or wireless) will simply just work


omg so i got a new keyboard a logitech a wired one and now i am in boot menu and it works now . thanks . was a keyboard issue .