Librem Mini v2 (LMv2) - Hardware - Bluetooth Adapter?

When I purchased my LMv2 I chose not to acquire a Bluetooth adapter.

I am finding that I would like to have it.

I tried searching for “Ar3k” was not able to find anything.

Does anyone know what hardware spec I would need to search for or where I can purchase the same adapter that Purism is using?

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Maybe try to contact about it
I think they should expand their shop site with more of this kind of things

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You can find another Bluetooth adapter supporting free driver and free firmware here:

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There are bluetooth adapters that look like a USB stick. This presumes you have a free USB port and you don’t mind where it comes from (probably China).

And another one:

This is the one I am using with my Librem Mini v1


Thanks to all for the replies and suggestions.

I am more interested in something internally attached - more like what Purism provides when ordering the Librem Mini from them directly.

I believe the suggestion I will follow is to contact them directly via their support email address.

If I hear back I will update my post.

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