Librem Mini v2 - Memory Speed Compatibility

I am planning to increase my Librem Mini v2 RAM.

I currently have 1 16Gb SODIMM DDR4-2666 installed.

I understand from tech specs that maximum RAM is 64Gb.

I am wondering how I can determine if the motherboard will support 32Gb SODIM DDR4-3200.

Anyone have any suggestions?

EDIT: dmesg on debian reports this:

DMI: Purism Librem Mini v2/Librem Mini v2, BIOS 4.22.01-Purism-1 02/07/2024

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32 GB DDR4-3200 SODIMMs are supported (they will run at 2666 MT/s, maximum speed for 10th gen U-processors).

Support is controlled by the Intel SoC, so the details are in the 10th gen datasheet (section 2.1), though you don’t really need this much detail:


My 32Gb DDR4 SODIMM 3200 arrived today.
Left my 16Gb DDR4 SODIMM 2666 in place.
Machine up and running with 48Gb.

In my case it was only about $20 more to go from a 16Gb to 32Gb - so I got the 32Gb.

Well prepared now to go to multiple VMs - and positioned well to got to 64Gb when necessary.

Thanks for educatung me about how ram at different speeds will be coordinated by the CPU to run together at the highest common speed.